Copy Editing and Other Academic Services

As someone who recently finished a Ph.D., I understand how isolating the writing process can be. As I tell anyone thinking about going to grad school, you have to use the buddy system. So, let me help you on your learning journey!

Need to craft an argument? Can’t figure out the big picture? Do you feel nauseous after opening that Word document? I offer a variety of editing packages to help you through all of the obstacles and trials of academic writing. From term papers to dissertations, I provide thoughtful feedback that will help you become a stronger writer and researcher. I will not rewrite your work, but rather provide high-quality critique and engagement that is fundamental to the revision process. I am also available to meet for a consultation about your writing, applying to grad school, navigating the Ph.D., how to prepare for comprehensive exams, and going on the job market.

To learn more about my editing packages and other services, please visit my Etsy shop: The Writers’ Retreat for more details!