photo of mountains (darker tone) in Glacier National Park


photo of Jen Andrella

Jen Andrella is the Andrew W. Mellon Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. She is a historian of the nineteenth-century United States specializing in Westward territorial expansion, the Reconstruction and Civil War eras, and Native American ethnohistory. Her current book project examines the national scale of Reconstruction through territorial expansion in the West. She recently defended her dissertation, “When the War Raged On: Montana Territory, the Politics of Authority, and National Reconstruction, 1860-1900” in the department of history at Michigan State University.

Jen also holds a graduate certificate in Digital Humanities, and specializes in digital curriculum and lesson plan development. Her DH interests include data and narrative mapping, text analysis, data visualizations, and digital history. She is the creator of the digital project, Mapping the Upper Missouri: Visualizing Negotiation, Diplomacy, and Culture on the Northern Plains, 1801-1853, made possible through the support of the Cultural Heritage Informatics fellowship at Michigan State University.